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2021 Craft ACT Artist-in-residence program - Applications are now open 

Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre and ACT Parks & Conservation Service have presented this acclaimed artist-in-residence program since 2006. Artists have found, time and again, that their practice is profoundly altered by the experience of this residency which allows precious stillness and space for investigation, reflection and generation of new work. 

Applications are now open for artists to participate in the 2021 program. 

The 2021 residency program will include: 

  • Research period at Geoscience Australia to explore connections and directions for the residency based on their exposure to the world-class National Mineral and Fossil Collection and cutting-edge Earth science and technology.
  • Residency at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage in Namadgi National Park.
  • Artist-in-residence Open Day which will include, artist talks, and artist-run workshops
  • A group exhibition of contemporary craft and design work created as a result of the residency.  

Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre is a not-for-profit membership-based organisation which supports artists, craft practitioners, designers and makers at every stage of their careers. We promote and celebrate excellence and innovation in contemporary craft in everything we do – in our retail space, exhibitions, events and membership program. Craft ACT is one of the longest continuously running visual arts membership organisations in Australia, supporting artists, craft practitioners and designers at every stage of their careers. In 2021, Craft ACT will be celebrating our 50th anniversary. We look forward to transitioning Craft ACT towards its next 50 years, creating greater opportunities for this community of craftspeople and designers, and for the growing audience who admire and appreciate the beauty, skill and excellence of their work.  

In 2021, Craft ACT is honoured to collaborate with Geoscience Australia (GA) as our research partner. GA a part of the federal government that aims to apply geoscience to Australia’s most important challenges. Here, artists-in-residence engage with geoscientists to understand their enthusiasm and expertise in the Earth sciences. They will also undertake research on the National Mineral and Fossil Collection to gain an understanding of the geological history of Namadgi National Park which represents a timeframe of millions of years, in the context of significant recent radical transformation.

The granite boulders are a significant geological feature of Namadgi. These granite outcrops and overhangs contribute to building the landscape of the national park. In early 2003 the landscape of Namadgi National Park was devasted by fires and heavy rains. The outer layer of many granite boulders had fractured in the rain then exploded in the intensity of the fires, building landscape and changing the park's appearance. After the recent 2019-2020 fires, this process repeated and the granite boulders are more visible than ever. The impact of climate change is also visible, and this collaborative residency is an opportunity for artists to consider what we can do to address this urgent issue. 

The Geoscience Australia research period will be followed by the residency at Namadgi National Park, where the selected artists will have the use of a shared living and working space at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage. The site is remote and isolated in the Australian bush and artists must be self-sufficient. The cottage is located approximately 50-60km from the nearest town centre, Tharwa, ACT. Artists will be asked to engage with the community and participate in a public program at an open day at the Cottage.  

Resulting work from the artist-in-Residence program will be displayed in a group exhibition at Craft ACT the following year, promoted through Craft ACT and Geoscience Australia. This is one of the significant strengths of the Craft ACT residency: it includes an opportunity to exhibit new work emerging from the residency in a gallery space. A catalogue will produced to support the exhibition, including a commissioned essay and photography. 


Research Period at Geoscience Australia  

Tuesday 9 March to Friday 19 March 2021 

Residency Period at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage 

Monday 5 April – Sunday 25 April 2021 

Open Day at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage 

 Saturday 24 April 2021   

Extra Research Period at Geoscience Australia (optional) 

Monday 24 May to Friday 28 May 2021 

Artist-in-residence group exhibition at Craft ACT 

Thursday 24 March –  Saturday 7 May 2022

*Final dates may be subject to change due to bush fire recovery efforts and social distancing measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission. 

Residency FAQs:

Who can apply? 

The artist-in-residence expressions of interest are open to professional, practicing craft practitioners and designer-makers who have a demonstrated history of excellence in their practice. Applications are open to Craft ACT members only (General, Associate and Accredited) and depending on quality and type of applications; two to four residency placements will be awarded.  

Applicants are required to be Craft ACT members in order to submit a proposal. 

N.B. Previous participants in this Craft ACT program are not eligible to apply again for the residency. Participants in the Craft ACT Spring residency are welcome to apply.

What work can I produce for the exhibition? 

This residency has been designed to allow craft practitioners and designer-makers to extend their artistic boundaries and to focus on the development of new work and ideas. The work created as a result of this residency should draw on their current craft and design practice.  

Can I bring my partner/children/pets to the residency? 

Due to national park safety procedures, visitors, including partners, children and friends of resident artists are not permitted to join them during the program at the residency sites. Namadgi National Park is a wildlife sanctuary and with that pets and other animals are not allowed into the National Park and Nature Reserve.

What facilities are at Namadgi? 

Artists-in-residence have the use of a living and working space at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage in Namagdi National Park. The Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage is a fully furnished and powered site. Artists must have access to their own transport and provide their own food and linen. 

Will I have the cottage to myself? 

No, artists will share the living and working space at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage with other participating residency artists.

Who has participated in previous years’ residencies? 

Previous Craft ACT artists-in-residence include: 

2019: Sean Booth, Michelle Hallinan, Rohan Nicol, Sabine Pagan and Megan Watson 

2018: Simon Cottrell and Vicky Shukuroglou  

2017: Marilou Chagnaud 

2016: Cathy Franzi and Sione Maileseni 

2015: Ruth Hingston and Jodie Hatcher  

2014: Sally Blake, Annee Miron, Satoshi Fujinama 

2013: Ceretha Skinner, Michael Brennan-Wood 

2012: Christine Atkins, Marily Cintra, Marian Hosking, Antonia Aitken 

2009: Kirstie Rea, Paull Mckee 

2006: Joanne Searle, Daniel Maginity 


Craft ACT will arrange an exhibition of the work in the Craft ACT gallery from Thursday 24 March –  Saturday 7 May  2022. A schedule of required deadlines including delivery of works, professional photography, artist statements will be provided to selected participants. 

Exhibition FAQs: 

What kind of support do you offer? 

  • Exhibition installation, demount and staffing for the duration of the exhibition 
  • Insurance and public liability at Craft ACT 
  • An opening function (including cheese platters, drinks, an opening speaker and support staffing and volunteers) (depending on COVID19 social distancing measures) 
  • Publicity and media engagement via media release and direct contacts 
  • Commissioning an essay to foster deeper critical engagement with contemporary craft practice 
  • Coordination of sale of works and liaison with buyers 
  • Design and production of an exhibition room sheet 
  • Design and production of a printed and e-catalogue which is shared on social media and the Craft ACT website. A printed copy of the catalogue will be provided free of charge to participating artists. 
  • Marketing and promotion of the exhibition including: design and distribution of e-invitations, an active social media campaign, website listing and electronic direct marketing to media, industry and government organisations 
  • A materials subsidy of $2000 to be shared equally among participating artists will be provided to assist with the purchase of materials to make new work for the exhibition at Craft ACT. If additional funding is required, Craft ACT will write a letter of recommendation to support your funding application if required.  

What is the exhibitor responsible for? 

  • Transportation and transit insurance to and from the Gallery 
  • Installation assistance 
  • All costs relating to specific mounting requirements of the exhibition 
  • Supplying the work with suitable display accessories including stands, hanging materials or other aids necessary, by the installation date 
  • Delivery (12 weeks prior to opening) of promotional information including a current curriculum vitae, artist statement, high resolution images 
  • Exhibition works information (including captions and pricing) 2 weeks prior to the exhibition commencing 
  • Participation in associated public programs such as a floortalk 
  • Assisting in the promotion of the exhibition via social media and among your networks – see more about how to make the exhibition a success, below. 

Application process: 

All applications must include: 

  1. A residency proposal which responds to the criteria below  
  2. 6 to 10 high quality images indicative of each artist’s practice  
  3. An up to date CV 

All applications must be submitted via Submittable and will be considered by the Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre Membership Committee for peer review. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

All proposals must address the following four points: 

1. Why would you/the group like to undertake and what do you hope to achieve during:  

- The residency in Namadgi National Park  

- The research period at Geoscience Australia 

2. How will the residency enhance your current craft or design practice/s?  

3. How will this proposal engage with the community? 


- What public workshop would you propose for the Open Day at Namadgi National Park 

- what could you discuss at an exhibition floor talk 

- Other ideas to engage with the public and/or other collaborators 

4. How will the residency build and enhance contemporary craft practice?

Applications will be assessed on the following points: 

Your proposal: 

 - Originality (eg. research direction, ideas, workshops) 

- Achievability (don’t plan a trip to the moon, unless you have very good funding) 

- Community engagement (floor talks, workshops, etc) 

- Curatorial narrative (eg. coherence in group applications, exhibition statement, concept). 

Your images 

 - Artistic excellence (eg. Demonstrating technical expertise).   

Your CV 

- External recognition (eg. of your practice and its representation in collections, completed residencies, study both local and international) 

- Value of the exhibition/residency/program to the artist’s practice.  

Download a PDF of the Craft ACT Gallery floor plan. 

Submissions close: Sunday 14 June 2020  

*Please note that Submittable program is written in US, and therefore the expiry date is reversed and written incorrectly. Submissions close 14 June 2020. 

Applicants will be notified by end of mid July 2020 


For further information, please contact : 

Meagan Jones (residency coordinator) at membership@craftact.org.au 

Madisyn Zabel (gallery and exhibition queries) at gallery@craftact.org.au  

Both Meagan and Madisyn can be contacted on (02) 6262 9333. 

The fine print: A must read: 


Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre requires each artist-in-residence to enter into a short-term contract with the Centre for the duration of the residency and the exhibition in 2022. The contract must be signed by both parties before the residency commences. 

As part of the artist-in-residence program at Namadgi National Park, a Site Usage Agreement (SUA) between the artist and Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre is required. The artist is required to agree to and sign the SUA prior to commencement, as well as to attend an on-site induction provided by ACT Parks and Conservation Service. The SUA forms part of the residency Contract between Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre and the artist. 

Costs and Subsidies 

The artist-in-residence program is supported by Craft ACT and ACT Parks and Conservation.In 2020 Geoscience Australia will provide in-kind support for the research period.  

Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre will provide a materials subsidy of $2,000 AUD divided between selected makers once the proposed works for the exhibition are approved by Craft ACT. Shared accommodation at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage is provided to artists-in-residence at no cost. Artists will cover all living and transport expenses for the duration of the residency. Craft ACT will provide a suitable amount of firewood for use during the residency. Artists are responsible for covering any further firewood supplies as needed. 

The artist will agree to: 

• Undertake the artist-in-residence program (residency, community engagement activities, research period and exhibition) for the purpose of creating new craft and design work based on their experience and expands on their current practice.  

• Comply with all occupational, health and safety requirements when researching within Geoscience Australia.  

• Comply with all occupational, health and safety requirements when living and/or working within the National Park. 

• Sign and return the Site Usage Agreement before commencing the residency and undertake an induction provided by ACT Parks and Conservation Service on commencement. 

• Comply with the guidelines set out in the Craft ACT Induction and Guidelines Manual for Artists 

• Provide their own transport, food and linen. Namadgi National Park is a wildlife sanctuary. Pets and other animals are not allowed into the National Park and Nature Reserve. Due to national park safety procedures, visitors, including partners, children and friends of resident artists are not permitted to join during the program at the residency sites. 

• Provide own access to WIFI if needed (No there is no reception at the cottage, residents will get limited access to a phone). 

• Participate in community engagement activities through the residency’s public program. 

• Make work (craft and design based) for the exhibition in 2022. 

• Transportation of and transit insurance for exhibition work. 

• Installation assistance, if applicable. 

• All costs relating to specific mounting requirements of the exhibition. 

• Supplying the work with suitable display accessories including stands, hanging materials or other aids necessary, by the installation date. 

• Punctual delivery of promotional information - a current curriculum vitae, artist statement and high-resolution images. 

• Supplying information about the exhibition works to the gallery prior to the exhibition commencing. 

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre is responsible for: 

• Organising the public program and supporting the exhibition installation and demount 

• Insurance and public liability for the exhibition in 2022. 

• Exhibition support material. 

• Publicity, promotion and advertising of the residency and exhibition in 2021/2022. 

Sale of works during exhibition 

The artist will make all work produced during the residency available for sale nless prior approval to the contrary has been given in writing by Craft ACT. 

Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre applies a 35% commission on the selling price of all works sold during the exhibition period. If Australian, the artist will supply an ABN or Statement by a Supplier and GST status before the exhibition commences. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.